December 3, 2005

Formula for living

Here it is - our formula to lose weight, regain our health, and feel great. First, let me tell you about my personal journey.

I am 50 years old, 5’9” and 202 pounds as of today’s writing (12/3/05). Yes, I am overweight and out-of-shape - just like the majority of American’s today. But I wasn’t always this way. My path to where I am now makes me uniquely qualified to help you get healthy as I get there too. We will do it together.

Twenty-plus years ago I weighed 145 pounds and had a 28, almost 26, inch waist. As a teenager and young man my weight always fluctuated from 155-165, my ideal weight. But, when my medical practice became too busy my life changed.

I have always been involved in nutrition and weight control. The early years of my practice, in the 1980’s, focused extensively on cardiac risk factor control. I wrote a series of “Health Beat” manuals did public speaking and incorporated a gymnasium as a part of my office. This was my ideal way of practicing medicine, and I was healthy.

Fast forward to 1995. Changes in health care delivery demanded that I see more patients and work longer hours. There was no longer time to teach and practice good health; I was too busy managing the ravenous effects a poor lifestyle produced in my patients. I woke at 5 AM for hospital rounds at 6. I saw patients in the office from 9 to 5 and then returned to the hospital until 10 at night. I received phone calls all-night long and spent my weekends back at the hospital. The obvious result of such a life was stress, no exercise and fast-food.

Even though I knew what I was doing and the effect it was having on my health, I was too busy. The same excuse I hear from patients every day. My weight reached a peak of 220 pounds and I felt like sh#@. Slowly, I have started to make changes in my own life. I quit hospital practice, leaving that to a hospitalist who can actually provide better care for my patients while in the hospital. I have “dabbled” in exercise and I made some changes in my eating. It is extremely difficult to change a lifestyle.

Yes, I do know the problems you face. I also know that unless we make a change in our lifestyle our health will suffer. We will have to use blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medications. Our joints will hurt and we will be tired all day. We will become depressed and anxious. In short, our lives and the lives of everybody we love will suffer.

Do you want to stop taking a handful of pills every day? Do you want to be able to walk without getting short-of-breath? Do you want to look and feel good again?

If you answered yes, then click here and let’s get started.

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This article was last reviewed by Dr. James Krider on December 27, 2005.